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Friday, February 4, 2011

I went into one of my crying jags today. Not a sad one but when where I think I was just so overwhelmed with everyone else's problems I just could not go without crying.  My mother in law is having a rough time and that hurts me.  My husband is worn out trying to take care of her and things around here then he is working.  He is just ready to collapse and they have not come to a decision on what to do with their mother.  I think that if he would just tell them to take over for awhile they might come to that decision sooner.

We did go down to see our eldest and she is doing well at the center but they are moving her to a halfway house next week.  It will be closer and she will be able to visit on weekends so that is good news but we are also worried she may slip back with some of her old friends and it will start all over again.  I think she will make it though. 

My Youngest called this morning and said she may have to move back in with us and she is more then welcome. Her about to be ex is making her life a living hell and she thinks it would be best if she moved back home when her lease is up in May. I think it is just a six month lease. She may move back in sooner if she can break the lease.  She is thinking of giving us temporary guardianship of alix while she is in school but there will be a custody hearing first.  We are hoping that goes in her favor.   He is showing up at her job raising cain and yelling and following her where she goes, threatening to take Alix out of state and all that.  Just really making life miserable.

I am so upset over being duped by him. I thought the sun rose and set on his shoulders while he lived here. Now, I am not sure I even trust him to see my daughter alone in her house.  He has broke in there twice and she is afraid of him.  I wanted her to come down here tonight but she had to be at work earlier in the morning.

But the cry did me good. I feel much better.  I often do.  It is like a cleansing of sorts.  It seems that way to me, anyway.  I am now looking for a better day to spend with my grand.  If is is sleeting and freezing out tomorrow, we will bake some cookies.  She is quite the little cook. *s*  I have some peanut butter cookies she can bake for her mommie.


  1. I'm so sorry Garnet, I know very well what it feels like when everything seems to be falling apart around you. Crying is a good way to get rid of some of that tension. I do hope and pray for your family. Things will turn around. God always see's to that. Love Di ♥

  2. ((((Garnet))) I am so sorry that all of this is happening...watching the people we love suffer is never easy...having a good cry is sometimes needed in order to get all that emotion out of us so that our burden doesn't feel so heavy upon us.

    Have you looked into assisted living places for your mother in law? There are some really nice places...but I know it's hard to take her away from her home...I pray your husband will have the strength to make the best decision.
    Glad your older daughter is doing well...I will pray that being back around old friends will not tempt her.

    I will also pray for your youngest daughter and her situation...it is very likely you are seeing her ex's true colors now and that the things she kept hidden about him will be seen by others now...it is very sad but so good she is not living with him anymore...so good that her and your granddaughter can live with you until she gets strong on her feet...happy baking to you and your grand today...I am sending up prayers for all of you right now...sending you hugs love and positive thoughts that things will get better sooner than later. XX

  3. You have so much on your shoulders! A good cry doesn't solve anything but it takes away some of the tension. I hope your husband's family comes to a decision soon. Do they realize the pressure they are putting on him? Are they all helping? I hope too that your daughter is ready for a change in her responsibilities and all goes well there too. I would suggest your youngest keep any threatening phone messages and if there is anyone at work who can vouch for her ex's behaviour, it would help at the custody hearing. I don't understand men who harass their ex's. My niece needed to get away from her husband just because he was so selfish - needing to have everything his way and she was tired of it. He doesn't get it. Thought she had another man. That's the last thing she wants. She gave him their house and shared custody of the kids, and she took their trailer. He trashed it completely in unspeakable ways. He got himself a girlfriend right away but still tries to bully my niece to come back. Really? He thinks she wants to come back to someone like him? Dream on!! If anything, it supports all the reasons for leaving.

  4. OMG Garnet I am so sorry that you are experiencing so much at one time and all of it beyond your control. I am glad you are feeling better but of course that doesn't make it all go away. I will be praying for all your needs. Hang in there my friend.

  5. Lorie....I have told them about assisted living and there is a place near here but they can't seem to get together and agree on it.

  6. Garnet...I hope the cry did indeed help. When hubby reaches the point where he knows he just can't go on, he'll say something. It's so hard. Hope your daughter manages well with halfway house. And I pray your daughter can give you temporary custody of the little one. He doesn't sound too stable. Thinking of you!!

  7. Oh Garnet....sending you a HUGE HUGGGG!!!!!!

  8. That's unacceptable. It sounds like that boy needs a restraining order.