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Thursday, February 10, 2011

I awoke with a feeling that the winter blahs may have finally left me.  The sun was shining. Yes, it was sunny.  Cold but sunny and that sunlight rejuvinated me.

I wish it had rejuvinated my mother in law.  My husband is run ragged and he was upset today because she does not want to get up and get dressed or bathe.  I told him today that was not like his mom and I think she may have had a slight stroke when she fell.  Her personalty is so different.  Before the fall, she would not have thought of leaving the house with a hair out of place or dressed just so.  And to see her in the state she is in now is sad.  But the others will not consider putting her in a home or in an assissted living apt.  I told him he should reason with them because he cannot do this much longer.

I have the little one here much of the time. I love her but I can see why God gives babies to younger women.  They are not worn out after a day of taking care of a child. I wonder how the women like my grandma who had 13 did it.  I know my friend came from a large family and she said the older kids often helped take care of the younger ones.  That is the only way I think it would work.  There is something to be said about large families...they help each other out.  But could you imagine fixing meals for 13 children every day?  And she baked bread. No modern conveniences either.  And the diapers that were washed out by hand....oh, dear.  I would not like that.

I think we have it so much easier then our grandmothers and, yet, we complain.  We should be very thankful we have life as easy as we do.

My eldest left the rehab center. She says she would rather live in a woman's shelter and do what she wants than continue on.  I told her she cannot live here.  I have done enough and it is time she learned the hard way to take care of herself. She is almost thirty and I cannot coddle her any more.  I feel guilty but I have done all I can to help her.

I will just keep praying for her....


  1. We had light snow this morning but it disappeared quickly and the sun took over the rest of the day. I know what you mean about kids and us older folks. When I am around my 2 grandsons (2 & 4) it takes me a couple of day to get over it. I know you are making some tough decisions regarding your oldest but like you said it is time for her to learn to take care of herself. You and your husband had more than enough on you already. Take care & feel blog love coming your way from chilly NC.

  2. Has your MIL had a doctor check her out since she fell? Sounds like at least a CT Scan might help or something. If they don't want to put her into another facility, what about home health aids coming in once or twice a week even to give a break? It all depends on insurance I'm sure.

  3. I am so sorry about your MIL and you may be right as a stroke does change their personalities, I hope she sees her doctor.
    Am praying for your daughter, I think she has probably hit rock bottom Garnet, now it is up to her to take the tools she was given in rehab and apply them to her life.....you will always love and support her but you have to stop enabling her. Will keep everyone in my heart and prayers....:-)Hugs

  4. She did see a dr. He is goind to do some tests but they have not been done yet. I am going to ask Hubby if they have a ct scan scheduled. I have suggested home health care but she does not want strangers coming into her home. I am at my wits end and there is not much I can do.

  5. I think it takes time for people to adjust to the idea or mindset that their parent is to the point of having to either move in with them or go into some kind of home. I know the situation I was involved in for the past year and a half, some of the family fought having her move into this place...over time they came to accept it and now that she is moved into this new place and doing so well they question why it took them so long.

    I too have said numerous times that young children are not suppose to have mothers my age...lol...still we make due and since they seem so happy I guess we will survive.

    I hope that your daughter will reach out for help to the people that can help her. I think you are wise to not have her come live with you. I too, will pray for her tonight. I will pray for your mother in law and that situation also. Sending up prayers for you as well...sending love and hugs too...XX

  6. Why am I saying "Uh oh" after reading of your daughter's decision?

    Hope you guys can work out the MIL thing soon. It's difficult for some people to accept what is necessary.

  7. I won't feel better until we get some heat outside too.

    It really does sound like your MIL might have had a stroke - that's probably what caused the fall. Are the others helping with her or just refusing to support the best move? Is it financial? If your husband is run ragged, he'll have to lay it on the line that the current situation has to end soon as he simply can not keep it up permanently.

    I hope your daughter wises up if only for your sake. It seems she loves the privileges of being an adult but not the responsibilities. So don't take on her responsibilities. When she calls for help, simply put them back on her. Be strong.