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Thursday, February 10, 2011

I have a guest that visits me off and on. His name is ziggy and my daughter has to find a home for him.  I would keep him but I have three dogs.  He is part pitbull and part lab. I know some of you might feel like shrieking at the thought of a pitbull mix but he is a lovable dog.  I think the breed gets a bad rap like dobermans did years ago.  There are alot out there like ziggy who is even afraid of our cats.  I think my daughter wants me to break down and say I will keep him but I am putting ads up on the computer and such telling people he is free to a good home.  These old bones cannot walk that dog.  He is a very strong dog and needs a man to walk him.

I can tell you that there are so many stories out there about pits hurting people but I have even talked to the humane officers and they say pits bite but the dogs who bit just as often are the golden retrievers.

I just wish we could get rid of the people who breed then for fighting and train them.  These dogs are forced to kill by the people who own them. People like Michael Vick who did kill several of his dogs by shooting or electracuting them.  The dogs who don't fight, are used as bait dogs and they are tossed in with the ones who have been trained to fight and killed.  We need to get after the people doing this and make their prison time much worse then what it is.  Then we should go after breeders who are purposely breeding the meanest ones. 


  1. I agree the penalties should be much stronger and this mess would probably end. Have a happy friday.

  2. I agree! I hope you find a wonderful happy home for him! Happy Friday. XX

  3. I agree. I just don't understand the mentality they have. Pitbulls aren't even legal in our city! This is just stupid in my mind. I could see them checking out owners but outlawing a breed? They are certainly not more apt to violence than any other dog - problem is that they have such strong jaws that if they do get a grip, they can't be pulled off. Which is why they were bred for pit fighting.

  4. Good luck finding Ziggy a home Garnet. I have two dogs and that's more than I can handle. They are both small but require a lot of walking! Rain or snow! Love Di ♥