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Sunday, February 13, 2011

I woke up feeling much better the last two days.  Or, so it seems.  I have been having all these medical tests being done to find out what is wrong but otherwise okay/.  We had the kid out playing in the snow.  I had more pics but for some reason my camera is not working so I have a new one ordered.  Hubby and I decided I could not be without a digital with her around .  Mine takes pics but loses them when I try to put them on the computer and I have been thinking of getting a canon for some time now so I just ordered it.

I was in one of those moods where I wanted to cook so I tried some new recipes.  They turned out great and hubby was very appreciative of them.  So was the little one as she loves chicken and that is what we had along with some new way of fixing potatoes with spices on.

Yesterday my eldest was released from rehab.  She called and wanted to come home. We took her out to dinner and explained to her that she was not helping herself by coming back home all the time.  We want her to learn to live on her own.  I felt bad telling her that but there is nothing else we can do for her at this time but be there for her to talk to when she needs someone and to hear what she has to say but she cannot live here.

I don;t understand it.  I wanted out on my own the day I hit 18. I loved my foster mom and all that but I wanted to be out on my own and wanted to be my own boss.  I wanted a place that was mine, all mine, not someone else's.  Even now, I am not comfortable staying in someone's home more than a few days.  But she is trying to keep her life on track and I have to give her credit for that.


  1. So glad you are feeling better, especially on Valentines Day. Cute pictures. Hopefully your oldest will make some good choices and move on in a positive way. Have a happy Valentines Day.

  2. It's nice that you are feeling somewhat better. And lucky you with a new camera (soon!).

    I'm glad you are being strong. It sounds like your daughter is perhaps very unsure of herself and wants to remain dependent and therefore, free of being responsible. I'm sure this is a very hard time for her but I'm sure you will give her all the support she needs to grow.

  3. Me too....I did have my very own place for a short while. BUT, then, I met my hubby and that was It!
    Glad you stuck to your guns girl! Bless your hearts...I know its hard...

  4. Let's hope she succeeds well. Glad you are feeling better. Hope all is well with everyone else. Little one is a cutie.

  5. Oh I pray that your daughter finds her way Garnet. I do think you are right with not letting her come home. That would make things too easy for her and she needs to get through life without mom and dad there all the time.
    Your granddaughter sure looks cute, glad your getting a new camera, wouldn't want to miss more photo ops! Love Di ♥

  6. We once had to dissuade a kid from coming home because it wasn't in her best interest. The situation wasn't anyhting like yours, but it still wasn't easy.

  7. Thank you all for your kind comments. *s*