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Sunday, March 6, 2011

I am the type that when things are going good, I wonder what is going to bring me down. I started this day feeling up and wanting to do things. Dance, sing or whatever.  Now I feel I should not have been so happy.  I would not have had so far to fall in a few short minutes.
My friend, really an on line friend who has been through so much just lost her 22 year old daughter with an anuerysm.  She was a mother of two little boys and her mom and her were so close.  I want to comfort my friend but I don't know how.  I would like to call her but not tonight.  She is not taking calls right now.  I do understand that.  Someone asked me why would God take her. Well, it is just her time.  We all have to go at one point and it is sad she died so young but I know her mom and stepdad will do all they can for the husband and the children left behind.
I just feel so sad and at a loss for words when it comes to talking to her about it.  I hope I say the right thing when we talk. She is so wonderful.  I feel so sad for her.  It is strange but when things affect many whom I have met on line, I feel it as deeply as I do those whom I know in real life. Say a prayer for my friend, Shirley and her family.....


  1. Let her do the talking Garnet. You'll know exactly what to say when she does. So sorry to hear that. They whole family is in my thoughts.

  2. I too am so sorry Garnet & like Barb said let her do the talking first then you will know how to follow. It is always especially sad when children are involved. Now is the time to trust God, not blame Him. His ways are higher than our ways. Wejust have to allow Him to work through us. Shirley & her family are in our prayers. You too my friend.

  3. Are you and I related?????
    My girlfriend's daughter was over making her (my girlfriend) lunch one day and just dropped dead at the stove... She was only 30.....heart attack.
    Your friend will talk when she's ready....
    It's just unimaginable......I'll be praying for her!

  4. What a heartbreak. Doubly so because we are not prepared these days for anyone to die young. We think they are immune. I'm sure your grieving with her is enough. There are no words - no reasons - that will give her peace - only time can do that. It is best to let her remember her daughter and the love they shared.

  5. That is so sad Garnet. My cousin lost her 23 year old daughter last Valentine's Day. There is nothing really new that one can say other than I'm sorry. I will be praying for her.
    Love Di ♥

  6. Thank you all for your kind words. Right now her husband is doing most of the talking, emailing and such. He is so good to her and I know she will talk when she is ready.

  7. Just read this Garnet, I am so sorry to read of your friend's loss, it is so sad. Sending prayers your way....:-)Hugs