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Saturday, March 5, 2011

It has been a busy time for me.  We have been getting out more since the winter seems to have passed and there is a breath of spring in the air.  I have been shopping at the seed stores and catalogs for flowers to plant this year. I want ones that come up year after year as I love the posies and next year may not buy them cause we are cutting back and getting ready to retire.   I do want to get some rose bushes too as I love them and I have to have my zinnias.  I love them too.  I have several rose of sharon bushes too.   They are all over my yard. 

I have been busy with medical tests too.  I have had all sorts of blood tests and just had a colonoscopy  and I was not shocked when they said they found polyps. I have had them before so I hope they found them and they are not cancerous.  I hope I am lucky this time as I was the first.  

My about to be former son in law has decided he is tired of being a dad.  He is leaving for South Carolina and says he is weaning himself away from his daughter. I wanted to reach out and strangle him for saying that but it is what he wishes.  Would be nice if we could all take breaks from being a parent when the kids are annoying, wouldn't it?  Come to think of it, I never wanted to take a break and never understood how people can do that.  Well, my dad took a break. One that lasted a lifetime and I hope that is not what my son in law plans to do.

We got our income tax done. I am just glad we did not have to pay as I thought we would.  Was not as much as it was last year but better then having to pay.

I will be around to visit some of your blogs today.  Bye for now.


  1. Good luck. I think most perennials are not easy to start from seeds.

  2. A.C---we start them from seeds every year. The others we get bulbs or small bushes. I just love flowers.

  3. Good that they got the polyps. As long as you get them early enough you're in good shape. If he's giving up being a parent make sure he gives her up legally so he can't come back to claim her. What a jerk!

  4. It's too bad you aren't near by - I would be happy to trade cuttings with you - or just give you a bunch of whatever I have. I used to have many more but neglected my yard and so some disappeared. I hope to get back at it this year.

    I think it's deplorable that your soon to be ex thinks he can just walk away from his responsibilities. But if he's like that then good riddance as he wouldn't be much of a father. Poor sweetheart will have a hard time dealing with that.

    Hope your tests come back clear.

  5. The older we get the more tests we have to take. We just have to accept it as part of being older. Too bad he wants to move away from his daughter, he'll regret it some day. I just feel sorry for the little girl. Have a great rest of the weekend.

  6. So glad you had your test, I always have polyps as well Garnet and they just burn them off, never had that kind of cancer thank heaven.
    You son in law is the one losing out, not sharing his daughters life or being a part of it is just so sad. He will regret this decision I am sure. Be well my friend....:-)Hugs

  7. I've been wondering what happened to you Garnet! I had the colonoscopy last year, just a few polyps. Glad that's over with!
    I never had much luck with seeds. Just Cosmos and Morning Glory.
    Sorry to hear about your SIL. I couldn't imagine leaving my child like that, even if only temporary. I wish you well. Love Di ♥

  8. You WILL be lucky this time as well!!
    And I'm SO sorry about the deadbeat dad...jerk!
    Sending prayer and hugs!