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Friday, April 1, 2011

I got up today with a hopeful look on my face that today would be a springlike day but I was wrong.
So wrong.  I wanted to shoot the groundhog who lied in Feb and said we would have an early spring. It was a lie.  Total lie.

We had several inches of snow last night but it did disappear  before the end of the day.

We did get to go in to town and do some shopping for shoes and for a birthday gift for Derrick who will be four tomorrow.  My eldest is home and she will be going with us to the party tomorrow.  I cannot wait to see some of the family and friends that will be there.  Some are ones that we never see unless it is a party, wedding or funeral.  I am glad this is one of the happy occasions where we will be seeing them. I fear the way my mil is slipping down hill, the next occasion may be a sad one.

I have taken up knitting again.  I am trying to think of things to keep my hands busy while watching t.v as I want to think of food too often while doing that.  I cannot quilt while the little one is here as my quilting stuff is in here room so I am knitting and afghan for my niece who is expecting her second child in a few months.

I have not knitted for years but no matter what you want to learn, there is a video on youtube to show you what you need to know.

I ordered a tomato tree and some hanging strawberries today.  I cannot wait to taste them.


  1. Crochet yes, knitting....sadly, no. Never learned. I could never get the hang of those needles!Lol
    Hang in there! It'll be warm before you know it!

  2. Hey I am going to a birthday party today too Garnet! My son turns 33 on Monday so we are celebrating today.
    Oh and remember, The Ground Hog is correct only 39% of the time. Not the greatest odds!
    Love Di ♥

  3. Have fun at the party and with the project. Good luck with the plants. I am just waiting for the farmers market to open.