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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Okay....someone explain to me how to do a tag post.  I would love to do one but I do not know how to start.   I think they look like fun.  I know Bouncing Barb often talks of them and I have seen some but do not know how to start one myself.

It is really winter here now.  Having our first big cold blast of the winter and it makes me yearn for the warm winter we had last month.  Hubby is passed out here on the coach.  He was digging us out of the snow all morning and is tired from it all.

Hubby wants me to do some stuff on the computer for him.  He does not like computers and often says the are the devils work tools.  LOL.  He hates them but he wants me to do his work for him.  He is a rather complicated man.  Oh, no he is not.  He is just a man............sheesh!


  1. It's easy make up some rules like how many people need to be tagged, how many random things need to be told about ones self........thing up some questions then answer the questions yourself and then tag some other blog pals. Go and tell them you have tagged them and away you go............

  2. HaHa and Amen to that! "Just a man."!! I get it! I can't tell you how to tag a post Garnet, I don't even know what it means!! Love Di ♥
    P.S. Stay warm!