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Saturday, January 14, 2012

No snow all winter but the last few days have been bitter cold and the snow is falling.  I only like snow at Christmas so I am not caring much for this at all.

We ordered a half of beef and got it yesterday.  We will be sharing that with the girls.  The bill for the meat came to over seven hundred and I know that seems like alot til you compare it with what you might be paying for meat at the store for several months.  I will vacuum most of it and it should be good for over a year with a seal on it.  But much of it will be going to the kids and their household.  Neither of my girls are working right now. One is going to school and raising her daughter so we help her with this kind of stuff.

Things here have been pretty good for the most part.

Well, except for the dishwasher that hubby is working on.  It seems to be clogged and he is trying to get it unclogged.  I stay away from him when he is working on stuff like that.  I try to keep alix out of his hair too.

I had surgery done on my eyelid last month and it still bugs me.   The dr said it would for about another month or so.  It just gets itchy.  I hate it when that happens.  I suppose my rubbing it so much does not help much either.

Bye for today, and God Bless...


  1. Hi Garnet!
    I'm so glad you are doing alright and stop scratching that eye!! Try a cool rag instead.
    $700.00 doesn't sound bad at all considering the price of beef in the supermarkets. Good for you!
    Love Di ♥

  2. I like that you are always helping your daughters, you are a good mother Garnet. I also smiled as you stay away from hubby when he is working on the dishwasher, hope he gets it fixed. Like you we didn't have much snow and it had been so nice here but Winter showed up on Tuesday and right now we are having a snowstorm. Its okay I am sitting by a warm fire watching football/curling and golf.....So glad to be back blogging and catching up with all my blogger friends.....:-)Hugs

  3. You are a GOOD Mom!!
    I also hope that eyelid stops itching...that doesn't sound fun!

  4. I will have to tell hubby about you getting the meat and sharing it with your girls as he is convinced that it something that just me would want to do............

  5. Jo-ann..hubby is wrong. Most moms want to do such things.