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Monday, December 26, 2011

Well, it is done  for another year.  All  the frustration, want, and worry that goes along with the holiday season  is gone for this year.  I hope  all of you enjoyed your time with your family and friends.  Ours was so much fun and  relaxing,  once the whole shopping thing was out of the way.  I have a few pictures I want to share with all of you...No snow.  That made me sad but otherwise, it was a great Christmas.

I got a new keyboard that I am trying to  get adjusted to.  Also got a kitchen hutch, some candies, lovely necklace, People for my village which I will show you and other things that I needed.  This is just the village and the tree, along with my collection of Santas and I will put some more  up tomorrow.  Have a good day.


  1. Christmas was fun for me this year as well Garnet, I loved it. I think it was the little ones that brought so much joy to my heart. Happy New Year sweetie.....:-)Hugs

  2. So glad your Christmas was fun and relaxing. You certainly deserve that! Happy New Year to you also! Hugs.

  3. So glad you had a good Christmas!!
    Love the village!

  4. I love those Chrismas decorations I also had a wonderful Christmas........

  5. I love your Christmas village Garnet! How special and pretty. My daughter has one too but I've never seen hers. I am glad it's all over too!
    Love Di ♥