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Sunday, February 19, 2012

I kept trying to call my brother's house in Michigan to get an update on how he is doing  but no one would answer the phone.  I thought they might be out or something but did not think much more of it until our friend called and told me she could get through and she had been trying for two days. (she is another girl who was raised by my foster mom)  I tried to contact everyone I knew and finally got a cousin.  She told me that Byrum was at home but they turned the phones off and his wife will not give out her cell phone.  Apparently the calls were upsetting him and I can see her point but I wished she would have called me to talk to me about what was going on.

But you know, I always felt out of the loop.  The only people who ever included me in anything was my foster sister, Shirley, who is in a home herself, dying of cancer.  And Byrum.  He always thought of me and let me know how things are going.  He is unable to call me now but I will send letters and leave a message on his phone.  They may let him listen to it.  I hope so.

I don't know his wife well. I only met her a few times. I do know she thinks she married beneath her.  She was in the process of divorcing him because he was too much of a country bumpkin and not up to the standards she was accustomed too.  She said he would not grow with her so she had to leave him.  Well, she stopped all proceedings when he got sick and moved back in so her insurance will take care of his medical bills.

oh, I know. I am venting again.  I should not do that but this one of the ways I can get my frustrations out.   But we just lost a friend who died of a heart attack and I am about to lose two people I love so I guess I am entitled to vent a little.  *s*

Good night.

I will be working on this blog for a few days so excuse the way it looks right now.  Too tired to finish it now.

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  1. Hi Garnet...Bless your heart...that's a lot to deal with!
    And yes, with no header or titles, it's a little difficult to navigate but I found yesterday's date...
    Hang in there!!