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Monday, March 12, 2012

I am back....

Yesterday started great. I was having so much fun when hubby took me out to dinner.  We drove around for quite some time before stopping at one of our favorite steak houses  where we had a delicious steak and salad.  I am home and was on top of the world when I got the call that my brother was gone.  He had passed away earlier in the day.

It hit me hard but he is in a better place.  He had suffered so badly with that awful disease.  I started to feel bad about being cowardly about going to to Detroit to see him but I wanted to remember him as I knew him and we did talk on the phone and exchange letters.  His mom understood. That is all that is important to me. His mom, whom I love dearly, understood.  So did he.  The last time we talked we laughed about some things we did when we were children.  He thanked me for the letters and cards i sent.

They will be having a memorial out there for him and I will not attend but i will attend the one they have back here in Pa.  Some of you may not understand but I do not go to many funerals.  I do not want one of my own. I only want a memorial where my pastor and a few others might say some things about me and that is that.

My husband refused to let me sit around the house and feel sorry today so he took me out to dinner again and we stopped to buy some furniture we have been thinking of getting for the house.  I ordered a dinette set, a loveseat and a recliner for him.

I contacted my friends and they are going to go to the memorial for my brother with me.  I hate to say it but we may make it sorta like a party cause that is how he was.  He loved a good laugh and a party.  By the time we have it, we may feel like doing that.


  1. So sorry about your brother. A memorial in the form of a party sounds fantastic. It's important to observe the departed with some finality to help accept that they are gone.

  2. I don't particularly want a funeral either, but I probably won't really mind if they decide to have one for me. :)

  3. I'm SO Sorry Garnet! (((HUG)))
    If you don't want to go, Don't...I'm with you.

  4. Oh, I will go to the memorial here but not the one in Michigan. I think they pretty much expect that as I did not even know the viewing was today out there and the funeral tomorrow. His wife is not friendly at all and his daughters hardly know me. When we met, she was not with him very often. *shrug* But I will go to this one for his mother's sake.

  5. Oh Garnet..I'm so sorry to hear the news but I am with you in that he is not suffering any longer. When I had the service for Rich, it was a "celebration of life" service. All kinds of laughter, sharing stories and telling jokes about Rich. It's what he wanted and who wouldn't want their friends and loved ones to be happy at their "funeral"? Some may not understand that concept but it was a beautiful memory. I hope you can tell stories of your brother and make other laugh at his memorial service. Sending you big hug hugs!

  6. So sorry to read of your brother's passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Sending big hugs and tons of prayers......:-)