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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

kindle vs. books

My husband told me several months ago that I should get a kindle.  I fought it til about Nov of last year.  He said then, "You better get a kindlefire.  I said no.  I may not like it so I got one of the cheaper versions.  I liked it so well, I am going to follow his advice and get the Kindle Fire this weekend and give my daughter mine.  She needs one because it would make her life simpler if she could just get her library books from the college put on her kindle and not carry them around.

My main reason for switching over to the kindle fire is because the screen lights up.  I do not have to have a light on it to see what I am doing and if you have bifocals, you know how the glare from a light on a screen can irritate you.  Plus, I can get a lot more books and do not have to buy them.  I can use the amazon library if I have the fire and have an amazon prime club card, which I do.

I am donating all my books to the goodwill store to sell.  All but my cookbooks with written recipes in them. (did you know years ago the older people spelled recipes as receipts?  I just found that out. I thought my mom spelled it wrong but that is how they spelled it years ago.  The 't' was silent.)  But I am keeping them and all my bibles and devotionals.

I still like books but I find the kindle so much more convenient.  I can just toss it into my purse and go. I could do that with books too but it was bulky.  I think there is something good to say about both of them and I don't care what people use, as long as they are enjoying themselves by getting lost in a good story that keeps their mind from getting stagnant.  Happy reading to all who enjoy it.


  1. I have an IPad and lone having my Kindle App on it...easy to read. BUT, I'm still keeping my books...

  2. I've got a Sony reader which I like just fine - it doesn't glare much at all with a light shining on it - I do have to get myself another little clip on reading light from the dollar store though - so I don't have to get out of bed to read in the middle of the night.

  3. I got a Playbook instead of a Kindle. It's okay, but I think I might have preferred the Kindle. Or the Kobo which is big locally.

  4. I have an ereader which is the same as a kindle and love it but I also love the feel of turning pages and the smell of a book...........