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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It is after midnight again..

I don't know if I ever told anyone but I am on the cpap machine plus oxygen for sleep apnea.  To top that off I have never slept at night like I should.  I have been a night owl all my life.  My husband and I adjusted our life because he had to work many night shifts when he worked and now with are both night owls.  I was told that i have to take my sleep test again.  That is fine but their sleep tests always start at ten at night and I am never asleep til about three.

My friend who lives in Fla. said they did her hubby's test at home with monitors so my dr. is going to see if they will do mine that way.  Wish me luck.  I would really prefer it done at home.


  1. Awww...well, I also hope they let you do it at home.

  2. Good luck. Hope they can do it from home too.

  3. I have been having lots of problems lately. Sometimes they abate for awhile, but not lately.