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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Last night i was laying in bed thinking about stuff when some of the rumors about various people started floating around in my brain that way things often do before I fall off to sleep.  Most of these rumors are not true or if there is any truth to them, it is very little.  Why do people start rumors?

Is it because their lives are so empty they have to make up stuff about others to get the attention they so desperately want?  Rumors are often painful but sometimes they are so ridiculous that they are funny.

When I left home at 19, it was to join the job corp and I was sent to Excelsior Springs Missouri.  Once I got out there I decided it was not want I wanted and quit then got a job working at  a nursing home. I was out there for little over a year when i came back home to stay.  A day after returning, I walked into the grocery store (it was in a very small town). The lady, whom I had known most of my life smiled.  "How are the twins?" she asked.
I looked around to see who she was talking to.   No one was there.  "What twins?"
She looked flustered.  "I heard you had a set of twins after you left home."
I didn't know whether to feel honored or insulted.  When most girls left our town suddenly, without telling everyone exactly where they were going, they had one baby.  I apparently had two that I did not know about.

That was one of the funny ones. Most are not funny.  They  hurt people.  I have been the brunt of rumors that hurt very badly.  Not lately but not so long ago that I have forgotten how it makes one feel when untrue rumors get around.  I wish people would stop and think before repeating things that may be untrue.  But maybe it is just part of human nature to spread a nice piece of juicy gossip around.  I have learned to stop and think when certain people tell me things. I wait it out to see if there is any proof to what is said and if not, I forget it.

Well the sun is shining and it is warm out.  Alix is waiting to take me for a walk.  I hope you all have a nice day.


  1. There's this thing called...Karma.
    It'll get 'em without you Ever having to say a Thing! I like Karma...I've seen what it can do...and I am Content!Hahaaa
    People NEED to stop and think BEFORE they open their mouths, that's for Sure!
    Twins huh???Hahaaa....

  2. Rumours are often cycled in the guise of "concern". The tut-tutting and offered prayers. The rumour of course, is less substantiated than gossip because of the lack of facts - someone supposing about someone else because of some small tidbit of information. I figure it's because reality tv didn't exist yet.

  3. Alix taking you for a walk is just precious! Enjoy that.

    My mother used to say "if they talk about me, they are leaving someone else alone". It is human nature. People just love to talk about others rather than turn that energy into analyzing themselves. I don't even worry about stuff like that any more. You know the truth and that's all that's important. Hugs.

  4. Oh I so know what you are saying, I'll never understand why people enjoy spreading rumors or bad news before a happy story......it just boggles my mind.
    Stay well my friend....big hugs:-)