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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Movies and Memories

Today my daughter asked me what movie I wanted to go and see for Mothers day this weekend. We will probably go on Saturday then go to an Asian restaurant afterward. I love Chinese food.

While I was thinking of all the movies that I wanted to see this weekend, it reminded me of the movies I have seen and all the fond memories that come with them.

When I was younger I had two little boys that would spend the summer with us. Their parents were our best friends and we were like a second set of parents for them. His mom did not like having sitters watch them all summer while she worked so they would saty with us and sometimes stay day and night. When one boy graduated from college he sent us a card thanking us for all the lessons we taught him while he was growing up. I will forever treasure that as well as us taking them to see E.T and the Star Wars movies. Of course they had to have Reese's pieces to eat while watching E.T.

Dr. Doolittle reminds me of the first time we took the girls to a drive in. Titanic reminds me of the time the girls treated me to a mothers day movie and I scolded my girls for making fun of the women in the front of us who cried when Jack died. As well as laughing hysterically at the guy who hit the propeller on the way down...

Then there are the Christmas movies we went to. Movies like The Grinch who stole Christmas and the Lord of the Ring.....Every year it was a different movie. Who can get thru Christmas without watching It's A Wonderful Life and not think of all the times they have seen it before without someone they loved and laughed with?

Every birthday they went to see a movie of their choice, whether we liked it or not. Men In BLack brings back memories too. My girls celebrate both their birday and their adoption birthday. So, yah...we saw alot of movies together. And I loved Every one of them. *s*


  1. I think we've watched way too many movies - I don't have a lot of specific memories for them.

  2. My daughter and I went toether to see Meryl Streep in Bridges of Madison County and it's a wonderful memory for me! Have a good Mother's Day Garnet

  3. LOTR was a three year Christmas event for us and the fam. I think we got all of the tickets through our credit card points.

  4. It really doesn't matter which movie you see, it's the tradition that matters. I wish you a wonderful mother's day with your family Garnet, may you create another memory......:-) Bernie