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Friday, May 8, 2009

Yesterday we took our eldest to the eye doctor for her diabetes check on her eyes apparently she has the beginnings of glaucoma. they are going to do more tests to find out how far along it is. The testing will be done in Aug. as they want to run some others between now and then. Wonder ideas that flew out before I hit the door to walk out of the office. I would have written them down but I left my purse in the car with hubby.........oh, well..........

We woke up to the sound of our dogs barking and went out and found a puppy with his head stuck in the lattice work of our porch. A drop off that got stuck and now appears to be staying. Yes, we named hi Elijah (Eli for short) and daughter will be his main owner. Ok so we have four dogs now. Oh, well...


  1. I kind of wish someone would drop a dog off for us....I can't really justify getting one at this point but I miss my old dog a lot and the house seems empty when Winston goes home.

  2. Why do the best ideas come when a notebook is far away?!

  3. I do hope your daughter makes out well with her eyes, she is so young. I will put her on my prayer list.
    I had a dog all my life until 10 years ago, I have come close many times to getting another one then I think of living her alone when I go out or travel and I change my mind. Maybe someday when I can give her all the time and love she deserves I will have another one.
    Happy Mother's Day.....:-) Hugs

  4. Happy Mother's Day to you Sweetheart!! You're a Wonderful Mom!!! Hang in there!!!hughughugs