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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I found out I have a new nephew. It is kinda funny. My husband was up at his brothers helping him with some work when the call came that their grand baby was about to be born. They told my husband to tell everyone down here that the baby was being born. Hr forgot to tell us.

My bil called and was saying something about a grandbaby. I said, Jeff, whose grandbaby? Are you telling me you have the one you have been praying for so long?" Yep, he said. Jeff tends to offer too much info at times but he then said, "Justin probably is not the father but he loves and wants it anyway and we are going to accept it no matter what." I think that is great but I told him they should ask the other guy to sign over his parental rights before getting too excited about it. Too many times they don't do taht and two or three years down the road, the dad wants to be in his kids life. Can cause a lot of heartaches later if they do not take care of that now.

I am alone for the night. Hubby had to go to our camp and do some work. I do not want to go up there til next month when the leaves are in all their fall glory. I am happily enjoying my solitude tonight.

I looked out the back window earlier and saw a doe and twin fawns but I did not get my camera out in time.

Good night friends. Have a good one.


  1. Oh Garnet you are just precious and so honest, can't help but love you. Welcome to your new nephew and may he and his family only know love and hapiness.
    So glad you are having a nice quiet evening..... and going to the camp will be beautiful in a few weeks when you will be able to see all the trees in their majestic colors. Have a wonderful Wednesday my friend......:-) Hugs

  2. Congrats! I suppose the real father would have to know or suspect the child was his to claim anything - that could open a can of worms. If the other guy has agreed to be the father, then I don't think it's really a problem is it?

  3. Hi garnet,
    New babies are always a blessing no matter the circumstance! Enjoy your alone time! And congratulations!
    Love Di

  4. Congratulations on the new nephew Anyway sweetie! What a blessing babies can be...
    I love and envy your quiet evening!!hughugs

  5. Anvil...Justin is a good guy. *s*

    Bernie..thanks. You always make me feel good.

    Jeannie..the real dad says he does not want the kid now but I hope they get it in writing the legal way.