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Friday, September 18, 2009

I will try and get around to visiting some of your blogs later today. It is not 1 am and I am tired. We had a long day today. A lovely day too.

Hubby decided he wanted to go to Meadville, a town about 90 miles from here.There was a store up there that was having some sales on hunting items and he felt he wanted to go up there to spend him birthday money. He did get some good buys. I went in with him and was able to see all the hunting displays up there. I am not one that gets a thrill out of seeing the taxidermy handiwork they had there. I think the animals looked much better while they were alive and the idea that some shoot them just for display bothers me. We eat venison and don't care to shoot them just cause they look nice on a wall.

We stopped on the way home at a lovely Italian Restaurant. I had grilled salmon over a bed of lettuce, grapes and raisins flavored with a cucumber dressing. Very healthy and very good. Hubby had an angus burger with some fries that were so unique and good he got some to bring home. They are very thinly sliced chips with seasonings on them. Very good indeed.

Good night and have a good day tomorow.