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Friday, September 25, 2009

Very busy week.

This is the time of the year that is very busy for me. We freeze about everything for winter and with all the broccoli, cabbage, peppers and apples we have coming on, it has been a very busy week.

I am getting ready for the little one to come next week. I will have lots of pics to post then. She is really growing and can talk now. I felt so good to hear her talking a few days ago.

Today I had to go in and get print cartridges and a shredder. My old one went Kaput and I like all my banking papers shredded. People here go thru the garbage and take out your papers to get info and that can ruin your life and I don't want that happening.

The other night I burnt something in the microwave and it still stinks in here. I have aired the place out for two days and still cannot get rid of the smell. Yuck!!


  1. Boil some cinnamon in water(powder)...that should do it, Then air it out!hughugs

  2. I scrubbed our microwave with baking soda...put vinegar in a bowl and turned the oven on and let it boil. Those helped but the burnt smell was still there for a while.

  3. Hi Garnet, it does sound like you have been busy, think how good everything will taste this winter.
    I too have put a measuring cup with half water/half vinegar in my microwave and let it boil....it really got read of the burnt smell. Let me know how you make out. Have a great weekend and enjoy the little one next week, another of your many blessings my friend.....:-) Hugs

  4. Hi Garnet,
    My but you must be busy! Wish you could share some of those delicious sounding vegies! I too was going to suggest the water and vinegar for the Micro. I have read that somewhere! Anyway good luck and enjoy your company.
    Love Di

  5. Sounds like LIFE ~
    and you're living it to the fullest :)
    Enjoy your weekend... hope you find a sweet & quiet moment or two... all the best, Maria

  6. thank all of your for your tips. The vinegar water worked. *s*