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Monday, September 28, 2009

I thought I would drop in for a few minutes and tell you the grandbaby is coming for the week and I am patiently waiting on her arrival now.

We got up early this morning and drove into town to register our one vehicle. It is thirty miles away. We got half way there and hubby remembered that he did not copy the information down that he needed to do it so we came back and got that then we got the registration done and drove out into another part of the country to get a bushel of apples for freezing this winter.

I am going to town again tomorrow to get gifts and decorations as well as order the cake for Alix's second birthday party. There will be about 15 or twenty guests here Saturday for that.

Curious George is the theme and I have to get busy on that. Wish me luck. I am a happy camper now!!!!


  1. Oh grandbaby's birthday party sounds like so much fun. I remember when my daughter loved Curious George....you don't need luck sweetie, you will have so much love around you and I am sure the adults will all pitch in and help you.....I hope you will be able to take some pictures to share with us.....enjoy your daughter and grandaughter my friend.......:-) Hugs

  2. Having a grandchild for a week is a wonderful thing.

  3. I hope you have some special and memorable moments Garnet!
    Love Di

  4. Sounds like fun! Except for the bushel of apples..