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Thursday, October 1, 2009

I have had a very busy day today.

I got up early and got hubby off to work then we took the little one to town where we visited my eldest daughter and did some shopping for my grand's party.

I could not believe the prices of things for a child's birtday party. I ended up spending forty dollars and left that store with almost nothing. We finally went over to walmart and I could not find a child's size 2T anywhere. I managed to get her a few toys. So hubby and I will be going in after he gets off work tomorrow.

After pricing kids clothes and other things, I really do not know how anyone with more than one child do it any more. Now I know why some women have to go out to work even though they want to stay home with the kids.

We suprised my daughter. She and hubby are having it rough and she asked me if she could borrow a few dollars for a pair of jeans to wear to her job interview Monday. I pulled out a hundred and gave it to her. Her dad and I knew she was having it rough so we already decided to give her enough to get a few outfits for going to her interviews and she will have some for work.

I am hoping she will get the job as an art director of a preschool in the city where she is moving to. She will be so happy and so will I.

I thought I would share a few pics of the grand with you.


  1. Garnet, your granddaughter is absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful mother and grandmother you are......have a wonderful birthday party and enjoy your family......:-) Hugs

  2. What a sweet little thing she is! And you are so right about party supplies Garnet. My DIL and I always go to Dollar Tree. I don't know if you have one there but everything there is a dollar and they have lots of party supplies. My DIL goes to garage sales for the kids clothes most of the time. She finds clothes that are brand new sometimes or lightly worn. I don't know how they can afford food. It's rough for just me and Katie, can't imagine having two little ones!
    Love Di

  3. She's adorable!
    We give our kids a little help here and there too. How can you not. My mother still treats us.

    My son's gf has found a high quality second hand store for kids - and there are various outlets as well - she shops when they have really great sales on and gets stacks of really nice things for a pittance.

  4. Garnet your little granddaughter is the sweetest cutest sugar pie of a girl...hope you have a wonderful party...just blow up a lot of cheap balloons for atmosphere and play. Nice of you to gift your daughter with the extra amount...it is hard these days for young people!

  5. When I see those multiple birth stories, I shudder. We couldn't have afforded that.

  6. Grands are always just so grand.
    Families always cost.

  7. Yes, I hope your daughter get the job she really wants. Best of luck to her.

    CJ xx