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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oh, wow..this has been one of those weeks where I feel like I have been on a roller coaster ride with very highs and very lows.

It began on the third. I awoke at five to get my hubby off to work and to get things done in the house before the big party we were having for the babe. I felt something on my shoulder. It idid not feel right. I asked hubby what it was. It was a tick! And it was borrowed in deep. He said you have to go to the hospital. I said, I have 20 people showing up for a party. I can't do that....At five thirty my daughter and I were sitting in the emergency room. I went to the desk and he ask why I was there and I told him. He said, follow me. I did and he told the first guy he saw, I have tick with me. He got to the nurses station and said, I have the tick here. She looked around and said, Where do we put the tick? I wanted to scream, I am not a tick! The nurse said, put the tick in room 3. So, the tick followed them to room three where they removed it and gave it back to me. I shoved it back at her and told her I did not want it.

It was chilly and rainy the day of the party but it had turned into a half decent day and the kids had a great time. I will try and post some pics of it later.

All the rain has made my life miserable with the arthritus but I was told by my eye dr that my eyes are getting better and that is why I cannot see with my glasses on. Apparently my sugar is so well under control now, my eyes are getting better. That was good news.

Now hubby is working twelve hours and while the money is good, he is grouchy when he comes home and I would like him home more. But it is better then no work at all like it was for 6 mos. LOL

Have a nice day, all of you...


  1. I am so happy to see you have posted, I have missed you. I have never seen a tick, did it hurt to have it removed?
    You did really well, going to the hospital and still having a wonderful party for your granddaughter....maybe when your husband adjusts to his new job it will be easier on him and he won't be so tired, I know you must miss him. Have a wonderful Sunday and I am so happy you are back with us.
    .......:-) Hugs

  2. I've only ever seen one tick here - on a friend's dog - he picked it off himself and smushed it. Gross. Did they give you anything or warn you about Lime disease? Or wrong kind of tick?

  3. Hahaaaaa!! Nitwits work in hospitals to!!! GoodLord!!!hughugs

  4. Hi Garnet,
    Did you read my recent post on ticks? You should. Between my post and your experience I was laughing! But I am glad that they were able to remove it and your party went well! My arthritis bothers me a lot right before it's going to rain. Once the rain gets here I'm alright! I think it's the fronts moving through that bother it for me.
    Love Di

  5. I hate ticks.
    Glad it was so easily removed.
    I hate emergency rooms.

  6. Bernie....It did not hurt but I hate the antibiotics they gave me for it.

    Jeannie...Most around here know about lyme disease so they did tell me it was not that kind of tick and to take my pills for it and that was about it.

    Diana..was that you who did the post about ticks? I knew it was someone.

  7. Did the tick tock at all?

    ... AC slinks away ...