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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Last week I went to the store. I believe it was Sears. I was looking for some things for the grandbaby and I was so disgusted to see the Christmas decorations out in full swing. What ever happened to celebrating Thanksgiving and a smaller celebration for the children at halloween before bringing in Santa and his helpers? There is something wrong with rushing the season. I think they bring it in too early and when people should be bustling about shopping for the holidays, they are too tired of seeing all the decorations and such stuff. I know I am. This is way too early to do it.

Of course I sit at home and mark off all the little things I will buy the loved ones at holiday times but it is only when I am really in the mood and I don't have it slammed in my face when I step into the malls.

It has been so cold and rainy here. No one has been feeling very chipper. Hubby has been in a foul mood cause foul weather brings it out of him. Brings it out of me too but it is mainly the pain in my joints that cause that. He will feel better now that he is off the twelve hour shifts. Tuesday he went out at ten in the morning and did not get off work til three the next morning. That will make anyone growly.

We had to take my daugher into town for some business she had to do. Then we came home and things would not work around the house and naturally it is up to mom to play Mr Fixit with anything like computers, tvs and such.

Well, the computer is on it's last legs but the daughters boyfriend fixes them so I will have him look at this one tomorrow. I hope he can fix it.


  1. Hi Garnet, I can't believe they have all the Christmas decorations out and we still haven't celebrate Halloween....we have had our Canadian Thanksgiving last weekend and the Christmas decorations come out in the stores around the first of Nov. Right now all I see are goblins, pumpkins and spinder webs.
    Glad your hubby is not working the twelve hour shifts, much too long aren't they.
    My arthritis aches more just before it rains or snows, it seams once it actually changes it settles down, I know it sounds weird but that is what happens with me.....hope you have a better few days ahead my friend...:-) Hugs

  2. The change of seasons is beautiful, but it does take men longer to adjust being inside more. I guess hobbies can make it easier for them to make it through the winter. Take care Garnet and hope your computer doesn't fail.

  3. Christmas in October is just stupid. I recall when they began the Christmas thing before December everyone complained and it was inconceivable they'd ever do it before Halloween. But they have. It makes me feel less Christmasy and rebel against buying much of anything.

  4. Oh Garnet I hope that you get some sunshine soon. All of the clouds can bring one down. I'm a little strange as I actually like it!
    You are so right about the holidays being rushed. I used to work in a fabric and craft store where we started to put Christmas items out in the end of June!! Unbelievable. By the time Christmas rolled around I was out of the mood. Not to mention I started singing carols in July. I think that my husband would have liked to strangle me!
    I a like Bernie, my arthritis gets bad right before the rain.
    Love Di

  5. Hi Garnet, Even those big hot air lawn decorations are up ... seems really crazy...
    I'm still enjoying the colors of autumn... trying to collect the last of the garden...
    My father woke up to a covering of snow today (in central New York).
    He's achy too... probably the weather combined with doing what he shouldn't!
    wishing you good days ahead,

  6. I'm okay with starting the Christmas stuff in November. Now is too early.

  7. donna...I can understand them doing it in a craft store in June or july as many who make crafts have to have them ready to sell by late fall in their shows. Not the other stores though.

    Maria..we got snow here too. Brrrr....