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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Journaling thru life

How many of you are journalist? I know all of you blog but do you keep a journal about life's events. One that is written. I have several of them. I have prayer journals where I write about things I wish to pray about and tell how the prayer has been answered. And I have daily journals. I have had them for years.

A few days ago I came across some that were written when my kids were younger and it was so much fun, reading about some of the things they did or said. I tried not to add any of the bad stuff but there were times when I felt I had to just to show how much they had changed and grown since then. I have told my youngest that when I am gone, I want her to have the journals and remember the spirit they were written in. Much love was put into those words and I know she will understand. My eldest says she is not interested in any of them so they will go to the youngest so she can share them with her daughter and whatever other children she may have.

I always felt it was important to let those we love know how we felt about events in our life. I want them to know how the things that went wrong in my life affected me. How it changed me and made me into the person I am. I want them to know how they affected me and how my life changed for the better once they became a part of it.

I had to smile as I read some of the things I wrote. Cried at others but it was a cry of happiness and remembrance as I read about my mothers and their passing and how others affected me.

If you have not done this it might be a great gift to leave your children. *s*


  1. Nope, can't journal. One reason why I blog.

  2. Hi Garnet,
    I started journaling a couple of times but always ended up giving it up. I don't know why really. But it is nice that you are doing this for your children and yourself!
    Love Di

  3. I never managed to keep it up either.

  4. I've tried but blogging is easier for me and I can also add photos...Sorry Elder didn't want them..right now...She will!hughugs

  5. I have journals from when I was 12 years old Garnet, I never missed a day hardly, then I started blogging and found it has taken me away from my written journals. Sad really, but I don't seem to find time to do both.
    Have a great day my friend...Hugs