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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another glorious Indian summer day today. I was out and about some and played for a few minutes in the yard, tossing toys for Eli to catch. He is no longer a little puppy but quite a good sized dog. He loves to run and play with his toys and I humor him. The other dogs are older and don't do it much now but I think he will be a pup til the day he dies. Our jake like that most of the time.

We went for a ride and I did not take my camera again. I do forget it. We have a neighbor who was very cruel to the animals that would venture on to his farm. He would shoot all the goose that flew to his pond and shoot deer and let them lay. I remmber telling my husband that one day he would be gone and goose and deer would still be there. He passed about a year ago. Today there was over a hundred geese at his pond and we have seen deer several times grazing in what was once his fields.

I had to go to the store and get grociers for my mom in law. She does not go out much. She is afraid of falling so we just get her the things she needs.


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful day as well my friend....and I think it is very kind of you to go and get groceries for you mother in law.....
    I always forget my camera too, I should keep it by my front door where it is easily accessible when I go out.
    I am glad the geese and deer are back on your neighbours pond and land. Wanda is so good to all God's creatures that visit her, they probably think they are in heaven at her home, she feeds anything that moves I am sure.
    So glad you are enjoying the Fall weather and your pets.
    I am feeling so much better Garnet and am very thankful.....:-) Hugs

  2. Hi Garnet,
    I always forget my camera too! I try to keep it in my purse but I don't always take my purse! Sounds like you had a nice day and I am glad that the geese and deer are still there for you to enjoy!
    Love Di

  3. Garnet, I use to go out without my camera and everytime I would find something that made me regret leaving it...Now it's cell phone and camera in a small bag that I carry everywhere...it's a habit now. Have a good weekend Garnet!!! and don't forget your camera!!!

  4. I am waiting for Indian summer. Heck, I'm still waiting for summer.

  5. Hi!
    It looks like Eli's reading a book :)
    Oh the story of your neighbor that would shoot the animals...and they're all back... what a story...

    Here in upstate, NY we're expecting a very rainy Saturday but a nicer Sunday.

    Hope you have some lovely weekend moments! ~Maria

  6. Ahhhhh! Makes me want to cry!!! I'm a sucker for doggie tales!!hughugs

  7. Our dog still loves to chase things but won't give them to you when she returns them without a bribe. She isn't dumb.
    Life does go on after death and things change. Sometimes for the better.
    Glad you shop for your mother in law.