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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It has been raining straight for the last three days. It seems as though it is not going to stop but it does for a few short moments and I can get out and enjoy the warmth of the day if not the sunshine. I hope it is back out by next week as we would like to go for a drive, possibly to New York. My husband is going up there deer hunting next month some time and We always take a short trip up there. He may go with one of his friends though but no matter. We will go somewhere.

I baked apple pies and dumplings yesterday. I may do some more today. Not sure exactly what is on the agenda now.

My daughter turns 28 today. Normally we spend the day with her but she is spending it with her new boyfriend who is quite nice and I hope things last for them. He seems the stable sort and we like him. A nice young man who spends much of his time ghost hunting. Yes, he is a ghost hunter. What can I say. *s* I just hope he makes her happy, that is all.

I will be back around to visit some of you later today.


  1. Garnet, I am happy your daughter has a boyfriend to spend time with but is his job really ghost hunting and has he found any? I thought this only happened on TV. Oh well, as long as she is happy and getting well that is what is important.
    Enjoy your drive....Luv ya...hugs

  2. Hi Garnet,
    It sounds as though you are keeping busy! My daughter is 28 too. I do hope that things go well for yours and her beau. And hey everyone has to do something!
    Love Di

  3. Well, Happy Birthday to Daughter!! And he's a Ghost Hunter?? Wow! Bet he has some stories to tell!!
    Those dumplings sound wonderful!hughugs

  4. He is a ghost hunter but he also writes about hunting ghosts and he rebuilds computers. He loves it.