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Thursday, June 10, 2010

I have wonderful dogs and cats that I love very much. We keep them well fed, watered, give them oddles of love and take care of them when they are sick. I believe that animals should be cared for and God meant us to do that when he put us in charge of them.

I have no problem with people getting their animals blessed if that is what they chose to do. But when does it go above and beyond? Do we think animals should be ordained as ministers as some few people believe?

this is part of an article from our evening paper....Others seek to fulfill spiritual needs that go beyond a simple desire to treat animals with dignity and kindness. Some religious leaders welcome pets to worship services, memorialize them at death and discuss them as spiritual beings without distinction from humanity — the most controversial ideology and one that is not accepted by mainstream religious faiths.
Emerson Theological Institute, a "new thought" college based in Oakland, Calif., has started to ordain animal chaplains who tend to humans and their kindred pets. In Phoenix, a new, animal-centric church service for people and their (well-behaved) pets recently began.

i do not think an animal has to be ordained to take care of a human. They do that anyway and I have to wonder how much money is involved in getting these animals ordained.

I think that any one of my dogs would give his life for me and he does not have to be ordained.I think you will find people who are willing to do anything for their animals and will fall for that crap. The words 'rip off' pop into my head at the thought of that.

I believe my animals will get to heaven no matter what I do. I can remember Billy Graham saying there had to be animals in heaven or animals lovers would not be happy there. I honestly think he is right.


  1. There are so many hucksters out there and what's more, some of them believe their own garbage!

    In truth, ordination is supposed to be merely an official acknowledgment of a spiritual gift.

    So a minister is "ordained" only when a congregation chooses him to lead them - presumably because they feel that God is leading them in this direction - therefore, their "call" validates his choice to enter the seminary. Not all graduates get chosen, in fact.

    It is unnecessary to "ordain" a dog to be a companion. But, I suppose, if a dog has gone through training to be a companion dog, then some rite must be performed to mark the graduation - more for the owner/trainers than the dog as they have undergone just as much training themselves.

  2. Bless me Father Puppy, for I have sinned.

  3. oh Garnet I'm sorry but as much as I love animals I this is going a bit too far....some people will fall for anything and call it "God speaking to them" in some ways this is sad.
    ........:-) Hugs

  4. I agree Bernie...I love my animals but this is just taking it too far.