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Monday, June 14, 2010

scary phone calls

Lately, we have been getting phone calls from Jamiaca telling us we have won millions and they have been asking us for information about our checking account and such things.I am not so dumb as to think these people are on the up and up. I had heard on the news that they are a scam and would never give my info out over the phone to someone I did not know.

I was in the bathroom when the phone rang this morning. I came out and my daughter was upset and shaking. She said some man was calling and he had an accent. He asked for me and she told them Icould not come to the phone since I was showering. He asked for my husand and he was not her. He asked her how old she was and wondered if she was single. She told him. Then he said he would like to meet and and could she meet him somewhere. She told him no but she said he started making all kinds of threats and telling her what he would like to do to her. I checked and it was one of the Jamaican numbers they warned us about. I called him back and told him if he ever called my number again, I would call the cops on him. I hung up. He has not called back but she was quite shaken and did not calm down til I told her he was not coming from Jamiaca after her.

It is a crying shame that we are made to feel unsafe in our own homes where we do not feel safe even answering the phone any more. I know when they called before they got sorta nasty with me when I would not give out my info but I am an adult who thinks like an adult and promptly slammed the phone down. However, my daughter is mildly retarded and tends to get worked up over such things.

8763894737 is the number they called from. Any of the 876 numbers is from jamiaca. I googed it so you might want to google some of the numbers that call you and find out where they are coming from. It is a scam. A big one and some do get nasty.


  1. I think you should phone the police with it. Surely they can trace who the number belongs to and get the Jamaican police to issue a warning or something.

  2. I also feel this number should be reported, perhaps your telephone company or even if the police have a record of it.....if they get enough complaints they will be forced to do something about it.
    Hope your daughter is feeling better, I hate to think of her being so frightened.
    Stay safe............:-) Hugs

  3. We seldom answer the phone for any sort of 800 number or any sort of unknown number for that matter.

  4. It was very nice of you to let others know Garnet and I hope that your daughter feels better by now. We only have cell phones and I am like AC, if I don't recognize a number especially if the area code isn't local I don't answer. Unless of coarse we are expecting someone! Love Di ♥

  5. Geeeezus Girl! That poor child! Can you call the FBI and report them? Give Them the number?

  6. Apparently this scam has been going on for some time. I found this blog on it..http://www.ucan.org/blog/telecommunications/landline/800_301_7195_876_536_5711_Jamaican_International_Rates_Scam

    I normally do not pick it up any more but my daughter did it this time. My husband says he will go to the cops if they call again. I still am thinking of doing it but it may not do much good. But people need to know about such things.