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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Today is Emma's birthday. She will be 6, I believe and a wonderful little girl. Actually her birthday is on July first but they are celebrating it today for some reason.My daughter and I will not be going but the family will be represented by the male members of the family as well as my eldest and the grandbaby. It will be outside and the wheelchair will not go well on the hillside so I won't make it today.

The grand is trying to talk me out of a popsickle but it will not work. I have been trying to tell her she has to wait for the party. She is not happy with me right now. *s*

We went to the meat market and bought some meat and let me tell you it is expensive. It does not take long to spend 100 bucks on meat when you are feeding a family of 6.
All it was, was hamburg, chicken and some sausage. Not alot but the meat is very good and from an actual butcher shop. I don't like the walmart stuff or the meats from major chain stores. Too much shrinkage. I think they have more fat in too.

My son in law is the main cook right now. He made some pizza last night that was really good. I was surprised at how good it was. I am lucky and so is my daughter. She can cook but hates too and, luckily, she married a cook. *s*


  1. Happy Birthday to Emma!! So Sweet!
    Yes, meat IS getting expensive! And I really Do think they pack in the fat!
    Have a peaceful night sweetie!

  2. Hi Garnet, I hope Emma had a lovely birthday and your granddaughter had fun at the party.
    Sorry your still having problems with your ankle but isn't it nice to have the girls there to help you.
    Take care sweetie.......:-)Hugs

  3. Happy Birthday to Emma! You are so lucky to have someone in the house that likes to cook! I really don't like cooking, but have to anyway! Take care of yourself Garnet!
    Love Di ♥