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Friday, June 25, 2010

What a difference a few hours make...

Funny how your mood can change in a few hours. Yesterday was a fun day with the family all here and we spent the evening playing uno and other family games. Laughing and having a great time. Some of the family left and we got ready for bed when I looked about for Sassy, our little dog, to let her out for a few minutes. My son in law said he already tied her out. We went out to get her and her chain was laying there. She had somehow got loose.

She has gotten lost in our yard a few times since she has aged so much lately but we always found her after looking around for awhile for her. My husband and son in law were both out til three in the morning, looking for her in the yard and woods around our house.I ended up crying myself to sleep, hoping she would be here this morning. They searched all day til hubby had to leave for work.

I have come to the conclusion that she may have gone off to die somewhere as some dogs will do that. I am hoping I am wrong and one of our neighbors who are looking out for her will call and say they have seen her. Or they have her but so far no one has called.

But she has been getting so frail. I just feel that she chose to go off somewhere. Part of me wants to be wrong but part of me feels it might be for the best if she goes now because we feel she may have had cancer and would not know til next wed when we saw the vet again.

But she can see she was a sweetie and we gave her a good life while she was with us. I still hope she returns even if it is for us to bury her.


  1. So sorry Garnet, our pets become a huge part of our family and it just doesn't feel complete without them. I hope you do find him but I know many times dogs will just find a quiet place to be when it is their time...Hugs

  2. I am so sorry Garnet. I hope that Sassy returns safely home. I will pray for her. Love Di ♥

  3. How so very very sad. I hope she comes home - even if for a very short time.

  4. I am so upset over this that it is hard for me not to cry while posting but I still hold out the hope she will be returned.

  5. I'm sorry that she's wandered off. I know it happens, but it's difficult. Hugs.