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Friday, October 8, 2010

I did tell you of my daughters mil in another post.  My daughter did have to go and get the grand and  bring her home.  Mom and dad showed up at the restaurant with baby in tow and wanted to see their son.  They were drinking and the son in law could not leave the kitchen where he was cooking so my daughter went and got her baby and brought her home.  Mom was pretty soused and dad was on his way. There was no discussion.  She just picked the baby up and left.  My sil did not even go out to see his parents while they were there.  He needs his job too bad.  They were driving that way too.  I am just glad no one wrecked.

I have nothing against drinking. I have done it myself in the past.  I used to get a buzz on. Never drunk but I liked feeling good and having a laugh at the same time but I never drove while drunk and did not like anyone else doing it.  That is what designated drivers are for.  Or, you can do it at home. Or, buy it and take it to your hotel room  or walk or call a cab but not drive.  Especially not with a kid in the car.

We have been making some short fall trips and getting things ready for winter.  Canning and making jellies.  I have more grape jelly to make and some apples to do,   I hate doing it but the stuff taste good in the winter. I am going to can my apple pie filling this year.  Yesterday I did grapes and alix crawled up beside me and said, "I help you Oma.'  She stayed at it til I was done.  Every so often she would say, 'I help you Oma.  You help me?'  I would thank her and say 'Good job;' and we would keep going.  I was having fun. *s*

My daughter needs to use the computer so I will be around to visit after she is done.  I hope you all have a great day.


  1. I don't get why people who drink a lot still expect to have access to little kids or continue to drive. People need to be responsibly irresponsible - you can do this thing that isn't widely viewed as beneficial, but don't take anyone else down with you. It's a decision you make before lifting the glass. I feel bad for your daughter - it simply can't be easy to go up against in-laws.

  2. Drunk driving is an epidemic that is unnecessary with all the alternatives out there. Unfortunately, the victims are innocent people and yes even children. It makes me angry. I admit to driving drunk once or twice and I thank God I made it safe and didnt' harm someone. Never again.

    Sorry your daughters in-laws are alcoholics. It even affects you because you worry about your daughter and granddaughter. I have taken to watching "Intervention" and see what it does to a family and not just the alcoholic/substance abuser. I feel for all of you. Just focus on that precious little one and squeeze her tighter when you're feeling down. Good to hear from you.

  3. I bet your jams and jellies are delicious Garnet. So love home made food and yes I bet it does taste great in the winter.
    Glad Grand is home safe and sound with you. Have a great weekend....:-) Hugs

  4. Good Lord sweetie...That's not a great way to stay alive! Poor daughter! And their Son! Sad!

  5. I can't imagine canning etc, but I'm sure that you'll be glad of it once it's done.

  6. Jake and I are thinking of planting two apple trees this fall. I may ask your advice when we someday have our own apples!
    I will say a prayer that things get better for your daughter and SIL Garnet.
    Love Di ♥

  7. That sounds like a very tough situation for your daughter. Like you, I have nothing against drinking but don't understand the sense of driving intoxicated. Glad no one was hurt in all of this.

    Sounds like you are busy with canning and all of that. Hope that it all goes well. XX