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Saturday, October 2, 2010

I have not been in for a few days because it is fall and I have been trying to spend time outside before winter hits.  We have some grapes that need to be picked and I am going to get some jelly made this year.  Plus I have elderberry juice in the freezer to make into jelly too.

I have kind of a heavy heart tonight.  There is nothing I can do but try and keep up my spirits and hope things change for the better but my daughter is having problems with her in laws and they are making life miserable in so many ways for her and her husband.  They are both alcoholics and  they came to visit this weekend and tension is so high, you can cut it with a knife.  His mother has always hated my daughter.  She married their baby boy and they never wanted that to happen.  The dad has tried to accept it but the Mom has not.  They want to see the baby  but not my daughter and problem is their son does not want to see them at this time either so, it has been tense to say the least.

From what I can see they are all acting like children at times.  But it is hard to reason with his mom when she is drunk.  And of course she is very superior to me...*cough*

Well, I hope things improve for them.


  1. That's kind of sad. However, tomorrow is another day.

  2. So sorry that this is happening this weekend, like AC says it is sad really. Hopefully you will have a blessed Sunday......:-) Hugs

  3. What a difficult situation. I feel for the kids. Superior huh? Sure. I'd say laugh in her face when she gets her smug on but that would likely cause a big drama.

  4. Oh dear...this is sad..not only for your daughter but son in law as well as this must be highly embarrassing for him...and to watch them act in such a way out of drunkeness...it kind of makes me sad for them because they are missing out on your great daughter and getting to be part of their son's life...very sad indeed. I will say a prayer for all of them.

    Happy grape picking...nothing like fresh jellies and jam's. Hope your Sunday is a blessed one. XX

  5. That stinks. People who drink that much don't see how much lovlier their lives can be especially without drama. They love drama. I feel for you because there's nothing you can really do except sit and watch it happen. Hope it improves someday.

  6. So sorry that your daughter has to go through that situation Garnet. I imagine that it is quite difficult for her. Good thing she has such an understanding mom.
    Love Di ♥