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Friday, November 26, 2010

I guess my husband thinks that hell has frozen over. 

Many years ago he had a camcorder that did not work right one day so he accused me of breaking it even though I had not even touched it.  He said I had to have broken it caused it worked right the night before and now it didn't.  He said he did not want me touching his camcorders again.  I told him I would not unless hell froze over.  You see the camcorder had a problem that was due to something the manufacturer did and not any thing I did. I guess he forgave me for not breaking it but failed to mention it. 

Today he told his brother that I would be operating the camcorder for them tomorrow when they came down for some hunting. I would have to do it.  My first thought when I heard this, has hell frozen over?   I am still pondering on on whether or not I will do it. I want to be petty and say no.  But I am a better woman then that.  I  will do it.  In the back of my mind, I am conjuring up how he can repay me the next time we go shopping.*S* 

The grand is with us for the next few days. I took her out walking and it was rather cold out today.  She did not want to stay out long and I could not blame her.  The wind was rather nippy out there. 

I did not hit the store like so many today. I never understood how black friday got to be such a big deal.  I have to run now..


  1. I'm like you. I'd want to say no way,film it yourself. But I'd cave and do it! Hope everything is ok with your daughter? Tough times for family. Hugs.

  2. He would have said that to Me, once...and here's hoping he had good hunting skills because he'd be using them, hunting for that camcorder out in the pond...:o)
    Sorry girl, but I don't tolerate intentional uglyness from spouses...

  3. I never shop on Black Friday! What a mess. Sorry about the camcorder incident but none of our spouses are perfect, right?! Love Di ♥