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Monday, November 29, 2010

And it continues...

I did tell hubby I would show my nephew the pictures.   I did everything he told me to do and my nephew enjoyed seeing the videos.  I turned off the camera and put it away.  Later I was in the bed room when I heard my husband yell, "What the hell happened to my videos?"  I don't know.  They were there then they were gone.  I accidently deleted them.  That will teach him that if he wants videos taken or shown, he can do it himself.

I have been having nosebleeds. I think my sinsuses are infected but I am going to the drs wednesday to see what is causing it.  I am pretty sure that is it.

I have been doing most of my shopping on line and now that I know KMart will let me do layaways on line, I will do that more often.

My daughter is okay now.  I hope she stays that way for awhile but she never does. It lasts a month or two then she is back on drugs again.  I am at a loss at what to do but we will just hang in there, I guess.


  1. No wonder you're at a loss. And although it affects you and you care, I guess it's her battle to win or lose.

  2. Hope your nosebleeds clear up with some sinus infection meds. I completely understand about the videos. If you want me to film, somethings probably gonna get screwed up. haha. Hope your daughter finds help. Hugs.

  3. It must be heartbreaking for you. I wonder what it is about human life that has so many tempted into abusing drugs and alcohol. Maybe science should look into the larger whys instead of users' sob stories and traumas - because I don't think those are the reason - I think they only seem to be. Everyone has problems - it's the response to problems that is different. And I'm not sure that those responses are such a clear choice issue. I think it's more basic than that. Maybe something as simple as a missing vitamin or mineral or enzyme. And when and if they find these missing components, it's going to change everything.

  4. Geeezh....well, here's hoping you have a better week sweetie!

  5. Have you tried a humidifier Garnet? When we have to start using the furnace it gets very dry in here and we all get nosebleeds. So we have humidifiers in our bedrooms. It helps. Sorry that things aren't going so well right now but things will change! Love Di ♥