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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It is 27 degrees outside.  Very cold and a little snow is dusting the ground.

I went to the dr and found out I have allergies that is causing my nose to bleed and he suggested filters for people with allergies be put on the furnace plus he gave me meds for it. I also pulled a muscle and that made me feel pretty lousy.  I lost another ten pounds and that made me feel good. A total of 61 lbs is lost now.

I hope to have another twenty off by spring.  That would be so cool. 


  1. Congratulations on the wieght loss!

  2. Sorry about the allergies - seems to be more of a problem for more people all the time.

    But congrats on the weight loss! I seriously need to do something too. I think I'm trying but evidently, not hard enough.

  3. WOW Garnet what are you doing to loose weight.....this is really great. Hope all is well with your girls, think of you often...:-)Hugs

  4. Good for you Garnet. That's a lot of weight you lost. Hope your allergies get under control.

  5. Glad that you found out what the problem was Garnet! 61 pounds, man that is something to be proud of!
    Love Di ♥