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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Coughing, coughing, I cannot stop coughing.  I can sit here at the computer and not cough so much but as soon as I hit the pillow, I am coughing.  I feel like my lungs are coming out.

Outside of that, I have had a lovely weekend. Both my daughters were here and we spent much time laughing and watching movies from netflix.  I get it through my wii and do not regret getting it at all.  I have fun with it.

Tomorrow my daughter wants me to go shopping with her but I am going to check things out with my dr first.  The last time he just gave me some pills and that cleared the bronchi  up.  I get bronchitis so easily any more.

My youngest was in rehab and she has been four months without a drink and doing very well in the halfway house she is living in.  She likes it there and they are helping much more then I could cause they know how to help her.

When I go into town I will just find a place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or another drink such as a cola and watch the people walk by.  I love people watching.  I watch them and make up stories in my mind about them.  It does not take much to entertain me, I will tell you that much. I just want to spend another day with my daughter before she goes back into the rat race of having two jobs.  I have the little one more now cause her mom has two jobs and she is trying to save money to finish getting her education.  she has two more semesters and she will have her degree.

She gets upset cause the little one is with me so much but I told her she is preparing for their future so she can take care of herself and give the little one a better life.Her about to be ex is not going to do it.

Alix would not go to sleep the other night.  She said she wanted to talk.  She called me into her room and said, "Oma, I am upset."  I asked why.  She said, "daddy is leaving and not coming back."   Now we all know he is moving down south in June but why in the world would he tell a three year old?  Then she said, "I worry Oma. Daddy's car in shop and he has no money.:" How would she know this and why should she know it.  She is three.  She should not have to think about her dad feeling bad cause he has no money.

I have found out the problem in their marriage was both were too immature and one is trying to mature and the other one wants to remain a college boy who goes drinking with his buddies and never wants to grow up and be responsible for the life he created.  I hope he soon grows up.


  1. Sleeping up in a Recliner chair will assist your lungs and facilitate breathing.. as much as possible get outside in the fresh air and breath oxygen...But not if the weather is cold...you need to be breathing warm air...
    Spray around the house with a germ killer and take vitamin c, four times daily...
    I am sure you will be taking a good cough mixture.
    God Bless. Crystal Mary.

  2. Crystal Mary had some very good advice. Coughing is always the last thing to leave you so I hope you get something to control it.
    It's always bad when a couple that is not ready for parenting gets pregnant. The child always suffers and yes a child that young should not have those kinds of things on her mind. Thank God she has you.

  3. I've found that males seem to mature more slowly. Not all but some. I hope that your little granddaughter will be alright with all of this and you are right she shouldn't have to deal with grown up problems. It's good that she is with you right now Garnet. Very good.
    Get well soon. Love Di ♥

  4. Yes, if you haven't tried sleeping at a less reclined position, it might help. (Codeine calms coughing too)

    Your daughter is so brave! I'm sure it's so hard for her but she shouldn't give up.

    And your grand daughter really shouldn't have to worry about her Dad who obviously won't worry about her. Tell he's a big boy off on an adventure and if the car breaks down or he runs out of money, he'll just have to stay wherever he is until he works his way out.

    Some boys just don't grow up. Practically the whole bunch I hung out with as a young teen just kept going with the partying. Another friend married one and ended up divorcing for the same reason as your daughter. He was also into various motor sports as well. She got a phone call one night that he had died by running his snowmobile into a stone wall. They had 2 daughters. But my friend is doing well for herself. She re-married - a responsible man and her girls grew up to be responsible too.

  5. I like the new look in here!
    Hope you get to feeling better SOON Girl!
    And SO sad that she's picked up that info from her Dad...she's so young...

  6. Good Morning Garnet, just checking in to see how you are feeling, hope you have a better day.
    Hope your granddaughter knows how much she is loved, her father doesn't sound too concerned about her only himself. He needs lots of prayers.
    Ok, gotta hit the shower....:-)Hugs

  7. Don't you just want to throttle him for telling her this stuff. Damn that makes me mad. Poor little kid worrying about this at 3. Thank goodness she has you. Your daughter should be most thankful for you guys too. I'm really behind on reading but how is your Mother In Law?

  8. I am doing better and hope to get back into this later today. Shots and pilled helped,.