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Friday, April 20, 2012

Terrible prank to play............

Remember me saying my daughter called here crying cause her friend had died suddenly and we did not know why?    Well, I decided to go on facebook and when I did, I saw where several of his friends and relatives who are friends were all upset over it.  I contacted one of his cousins and he informed me that he had been on the phone and on facebook notifying friends and relatives (they have a very large family) that the young man did not die.  He got drunk and made the announcement as a joke.  He did it to get attention.  Well, he got it all right and it was not the type he wanted.  I really think he needs help.  I think he has issues.  His cousin said he did  something like this before but it was not on the computer and did not reach all the people that it did yesterday.  I think they need to get him some help. It could be a call for some real professional help that they are ignoring.  Or, maybe they are trying to help and he is just ignoring them.  I just hope he gets his life straightened out.


  1. Sounds like a cry for help - hope he gets it.

    1. I do too. He is basically a good person and that is why this shocked me.

  2. That is just sick. Your poor daughter! He does need help.

  3. Makes you wonder what is up with some people doing something like that.....sounds like he needs to get some help

  4. Sadly Facebook is used for things other than what it was intended for. I agree, that poor young man could use some help. Love Di ♥

  5. OmWord!!!! That is just SO not Right!
    Yes, he needs help!